WoofClub4DDD (Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Los Angeles & San Francisco) is a private event and participation is by invitation only - both Members and Guests (except where we co-produce public events with umbrella groups such as the Lazy Bear Fund, California).

Currently, the cost of membership is free and at our discretion, we may revoke your invitation to any of our events. 

Details posted for events can be subject to change and while we do our best to ensure the delivery of each party, sometimes things are beyond our control. 

WoofClub.COM will not be held responsible for any travel costs arranged by you prior to an event going on sale. WoofClub will also not be held responsible for any costs incurred by you as a result of event cancellation due to circumstances beyond our control after tickets have gone on sale. We will however refund the cost of Pre-sale Tickets purchased prior to the postponement or cancellation of an event. (The refund does not include booking fees).

Under normal circumstances, while we don't refund tickets if you're unable to attend after purchasing, we may at times makes exceptions. We also sometimes "buy back" tickets from members who've decided not to attend however this is generally only offered when a party is selling out or has sold out. The buy-back price equals the sale price and doesn't include booking fees.

We endeavour to always provide you good value for money at our events however we wont be responsible for you enjoying yourself. Also, we make no guarantees about responding to requests for Guest Tickets/membership as these are dependent upon admin resources, membership availability and whether you've provided the info requested on our website. (We aim to answer all emails)

We will not divulge any of your details to third parties without your consent.